Optional Services

Optional Services

Asset Use:

Your time period to load/unload railcars depends on the type of commodity shipped. Allowable times are listed below with demurrage charges:

Railroad Provided Cars & Private Cars on BRR Track:

  • Loading: 1 day
  • Unloading: 2 days
  • Demurrage: $85 per car each calendar day

Railcars containing Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Materials (excluding TIH/PIH):

  • Loading: 1 day
  • Unloading: 1 day
  • Demurrage: $250 per car each calendar day

For example, if BRR places a rail car for loading on Tuesday (placement at any time on Tuesday), the free day will be Wednesday (one calendar day) and demurrage will start to be charged Thursday if the car is not loaded and released.

If BRR places a car for unloading on Tuesday (placement at any time on Tuesday), the free days will be Wednesday and Thursday (2 calendar days) and demurrage will start to be charged on Friday if the car is not empty and released. For Dangerous Goods &Hazardous Materials rail cars, demurrage would begin on Thursday, in this example.


BRR will only store empty rail cars at the following rate:

  • Non-Dangerous - $25 per car per day
  • Switch in/Switch out - $200 per car for each switch
  • Charges will start as soon as BRR takes possession of the rail car


Customers will be billed on a monthly basis. At the customer’s request, BRR will provide a waybill for an additional $25 per waybill. An additional charge of $300 per car will be added to the invoice for rail cars released without proper waybills. This includes waybills created by BRR where incorrect information has been provided and for customer created waybills with errors.

  • Overloaded cars - $700 per car
    BRR reserves the right to refuse any overloaded railcar at the point of interchange, or refuse movement of any railcar which exceeds the gross weight on rail. For railcars accepted for movement, that are 2,000 lbs or less in excess of the published weight restriction the customer will be subject to a charge of $700 per car.
  • Supplemental Train Run - $5000 per train
  • When a customer or railway requests BRR to provide any ad hoc or additional train service beyond the scheduled operation plan.


At the request of the customer, empty/loaded cars will be released to CN/CP from BRR’s rail line. If the cars need to be re-spotted on BRR’s line, a fee of $100 per car plus applicable demurrage will be charged. Further switching requests not covered above, will be charged at:

  • Special switch request - $500 per car
  • Diversion/Reassignment of cars -  $350 per car